PSM has extensive capability in the area of embankment dams for the storage of water, tailings and other materials.

Our expertise includes:

  • Site investigation
  • Embankment design to local and international regulatory guidelines (e.g. ICOLD, ANCOLD)
  • Construction specification and supervision including clay lined, HDPE lined and covered storages
  • Instrumentation, materials testing and data analysis
  • Operation and monitoring manuals
  • Surveillance inspections and reporting to regulatory requirements

In particular PSM has extensive experience in the design and operation of tailings dams including water balance and regional groundwater impact assessment.

PSM has extensive capability in numerical analysis of mechanical, fluid and thermal behaviour under both static and dynamic loading. PSM demonstrates competence in a wide variety of 3D analysis packages including FLAC, 3DEC, ABAQUS, FEFLOW, MODFLOW, RS3, STOMP, TOUGH2 and Strand7 as well as 2D packages such as RS2, Slide, SLOPE/W, SEEP/W and several others. PSM are an active contributor to customisation and improvement of these codes and can employ back-analysis techniques in most when applicable.

PSM also has experience in the assessment, monitoring and mitigation of the impacts of mine subsidence.  We currently sit on the Hume Highway and Douglas Park technical committees overseeing monitoring and mitigation of potential impacts of mine subsidence in the Hume Highway, Main Southern Railway and Douglas Park drive.

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