The prime emphasis of the services provided by PSM is on design supported by appropriate analysis and leading to an ongoing program of monitoring and mapping to check that the design assumptions are borne out by reality. Our fundamental tenet is that accurate engineering geological and hydrological models must be established for any analytical work to be meaningful.

The first phase of any of our studies is to collate available data, both regional and site specific, and to collect additional relevant data by drilling and/or mapping to the stage that we are satisfied the appropriate geotechnical models can be formulated. These models comprise the geological and hydrogeological features expected to control performance and setout the engineering parameters of the different units and structures. Designs are developed using analyses but within the framework of experience with the performance of similar structures in similar geological environments.

We are very much aware of the fact that, notwithstanding detailed borehole and mapping studies, there remains uncertainty as to the likely performance of the ground. Therefore probability and risk considerations are an important part of our design process and monitoring of actual performance of the structure is crucial to achieving a satisfactory final product. We place great emphasis on having an ongoing partnership with the project wherein data (mapping and monitoring) often collected by the Client is fed back to us for review against the assumptions made for the design.

In summary our approach:

  • Site specific data collection programme
  • Advanced computer based collation and analysis systems
  • Careful integration of data with geology to ensure a rigorous geotechnical model
  • Use of advanced computer modelling techniques
  • Design based on a sound, practicable construction or mining approach
  • Ongoing mapping and monitoring to check actual performance.

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