Western Australia Department of Water awards PSM with the development of the West Canning Basin Groundwater Model


The West Canning Basin (WCB) is a multi-layered aquifer system covering an area of 16,400km2, located 150km north-east of Port Hedland. This system contains significant and mostly fresh groundwater resources in two distinct aquifers: the Broome aquifer; and the Wallal aquifer.

These resources are managed by the Pilbara Groundwater Allocation Plan (Department of Water, 2013). Future demand from the WCB groundwater resources is expected to increase and exceed the allocation limit of 50 gigalitres within the next 25 years.

DoW has awarded PSM with the development of a groundwater model for the WCB. This large scale model will be used to assess regional groundwater availability, predict potential impacts of groundwater abstractions and provided scientific information to support the water licensing, water and land use planning functions within DoW.

The project will have a 12 month duration and include the participation of John Doherty, author of PEST (parameter estimation software) and a world lead expert in groundwater modelling and uncertainty analysis.


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